Kulfi loves his horse stance!!

Kufli tries to look for every available chance to fit in some training. You can do many things while standing in a horse stance. More »

The Late Grandmaster Samahndi Bhatananda

The late Grandmaster Samahndi explained all things using an onion . More »

The Kwan Dao, My Favorite Weapon!

The Kwan Dao has a rich history and is a favored weapon of Grandmaster Kulfi. More »

The Mighty Bhatananda Feast Not the Cobra!

The late grandmaster Bhatananda had mastered the art of invulnerability to any and all poisons. More »

The Many Faces of Kulfi

If Kulfi is not training hard he is often found meditating to keep his head clear and his body energized. More »



Grandmaster Kulfi Khota receiving the Sword of Destiny from the
late Grandmaster Samandhi Bhatananda