About Us

Grandmaster Kulfi Khota and the late grandmaster Samandhi Bhatananda are fictional characters.


This site is a satirical look at questionable kung fu systems.

We actually take our training very seriously. We study and teach tai chi as a martial art, qigong for health, and kung fu for the continuation of a marvelous and colorful history of martial arts and self-defense.

In our attempts to learn the deeper truths behind the Chinese arts we were preparing to go to China in search of instruction. In this period, we signed Keith up with a native born Chinese teacher to help get him ready. Together they worked on language, as well as the culture and history. Keith and his teacher had such a good relationship that when she learned of his motives to travel to China, she let him in on a little known secret. You do not have to go to China to acquire master-level Chinese instruction. Many masters today are turning to video to record their heritage.

With his teacher’s help, Keith set foot on a new path and began learning how to pick and choose videos to be sure he was learning from only true masters and then translating and interpreting their teachings correctly. All of our material comes through these sources and most of it is in Chinese. After Keith has learned something fully, he passes it on to Alicia and then to his students. Keith is adamant about maintaining traditional fighting principles in everything he chooses.

Coming soon is our series of instructional videos on authentic kung fu forms, health qigong exercises, and tai chi, all taught by Grandmaster Kulfi himself!

Thanks again and remember, all donations are truly appreciated! 😀