Game of Thrones Rock Guitar Cover

game of thrones rock guitar cover

Grandmaster Kulfi (pronounced kool-fee) has released his game of thrones rock guitar cover on Youtube today to honor the birthday of the late Grandmaster of the Kung Pow system, Samandhi Bhatananda!


“Most of the time I spend training hard but to relax I love to play my guitar” said Kulfi recently and he has plans for releasing more kung fu instructional material that can be mentioned on this post. Kulfi was so impressed with not only the Game of Thrones show but also the theme song and found himself humming it to himself while doing stance training so one night he decided to record his own version of the song. He was so happy with how it turned out that he chose to release his game of thrones rock guitar cover.

You can get the free game of thrones rock guitar cover MP3 here too! But please listen to it first by CLICKING HERE!


Here we see the late Grandmaster Bhatananda doing what he enjoyed most at the end of a long day of training, having a little baiju. We feel that as long as we keep his memory and his training methods alive, he is never really gone. Please help us celebrate his birthday by downloading GM Kulfi’s game of thrones rock guitar cover now.

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