Happy New Year!

Grandmaster Kulfi (pronounced kool-fee) says, “Hello and Happy New Year!”

Yes, time has flown by and Kulfi has established his amazing kung fu center in Warren and is now accepting training candidates for the Kung Pow Center, the best kung fu school in America! The grandmaster is very optimistic about his projects for the upcoming year:

I have huge plans that will make your eyes pop, just like lemons! I have many kung fu videos coming out and DVDs to teach people how to do kung fu and they are the best videos ever done because I am the most amazing instructor. I am not saying this to be boastful but it is simply the truth. My late grandmaster has told me so and I only need to listen to one person. But you will soon be seeing for yourself how great my teachings are! My first kung fu form is a very special, very secret tiger form. It is easy to learn but very powerful for building the qi and developing the muscles!”

Kulfi walking in the snow with a kwan dao


We are certainly all looking forward to this special kung fu. Grandmaster Kulfi could, unfortunately, not spare more time for us today because he was finishing up his kwan dao practice and getting ready for hard qigong, where he will be banging his head against a tree and a some boulders.

Again, have a happy new year!

Looking forward to the next time!