Kulfi loves his horse stance!!

Kufli tries to look for every available chance to fit in some training. You can do many things while standing in a horse stance. More »

The Late Grandmaster Samahndi Bhatananda

The late Grandmaster Samahndi explained all things using an onion . More »

The Kwan Dao, My Favorite Weapon!

The Kwan Dao has a rich history and is a favored weapon of Grandmaster Kulfi. More »

The Mighty Bhatananda Feast Not the Cobra!

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The Many Faces of Kulfi

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Game of Thrones Rock Guitar Cover

game of thrones rock guitar cover

Grandmaster Kulfi (pronounced kool-fee) has released his game of thrones rock guitar cover on Youtube today to honor the birthday of the late Grandmaster of the Kung Pow system, Samandhi Bhatananda!


“Most of the time I spend training hard but to relax I love to play my guitar” said Kulfi recently and he has plans for releasing more kung fu instructional material that can be mentioned on this post. Kulfi was so impressed with not only the Game of Thrones show but also the theme song and found himself humming it to himself while doing stance training so one night he decided to record his own version of the song. He was so happy with how it turned out that he chose to release his game of thrones rock guitar cover.

You can get the free game of thrones rock guitar cover MP3 here too! But please listen to it first by CLICKING HERE!


Here we see the late Grandmaster Bhatananda doing what he enjoyed most at the end of a long day of training, having a little baiju. We feel that as long as we keep his memory and his training methods alive, he is never really gone. Please help us celebrate his birthday by downloading GM Kulfi’s game of thrones rock guitar cover now.

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Happy New Year!

Grandmaster Kulfi (pronounced kool-fee) says, “Hello and Happy New Year!”

Yes, time has flown by and Kulfi has established his amazing kung fu center in Warren and is now accepting training candidates for the Kung Pow Center, the best kung fu school in America! The grandmaster is very optimistic about his projects for the upcoming year:

I have huge plans that will make your eyes pop, just like lemons! I have many kung fu videos coming out and DVDs to teach people how to do kung fu and they are the best videos ever done because I am the most amazing instructor. I am not saying this to be boastful but it is simply the truth. My late grandmaster has told me so and I only need to listen to one person. But you will soon be seeing for yourself how great my teachings are! My first kung fu form is a very special, very secret tiger form. It is easy to learn but very powerful for building the qi and developing the muscles!”

Kulfi walking in the snow with a kwan dao


We are certainly all looking forward to this special kung fu. Grandmaster Kulfi could, unfortunately, not spare more time for us today because he was finishing up his kwan dao practice and getting ready for hard qigong, where he will be banging his head against a tree and a some boulders.

Again, have a happy new year!

Looking forward to the next time!

Grandmaster to Build Huge Martial Arts Center!

Grandmaster to build huge martial arts center!

By ALICIA BREWER, Martial Arts News Today – Detroit MichiganGrandmaster Kulfi Khota, who arrived in Detroit 10 days ago, has already bought a large property in the soon to be revived neighborhood at West Chicago and Livernois in Detroit.


Grandmaster Khota is the only living grandmaster in the ancient Chinese art of Kung Pow, a vicious form of ballet originally conceived of by the late Grandmaster Samandhi Bhatananda, in a series of dreams. To carry on his memory, Grandmaster Khota plans on soon opening the Kung Pow Center, a giant delusion consisting of several stadiums, a swimming pool, and two makiwara boards. The centerpiece is an elevated training area surrounded by mirrors. “I saw Ip Man movie with Donnie Yen and he fight on platform. So I think I want same platform. But I’m so pretty, I also want to look at myself!”

The grandmaster first starting learning kung fu at the age of 3 months and trained for many years under Grandmaster Bhatananda. Like many martial arts devotees at the time, Khota came from a rich family, which allowed him to punch things all day long without needing to work for a living. He earned his first black belt at the age of 8, in karate. He then was taught the finer arts of narcissism and advanced posturing.


Despite this being his first time in the United States, the grandmaster already has an enthusiastic following at the Kung Pow Center on Youtube, where he pushes his DVDs where he claims ownership of material that may not actually be his. When asked about accusations of being a fraud and removing all the fundamentals from the internal arts, he laughed, “I do not care what they think! I have good attitude and that is most important! This is why I have good qi and perfect hair! Anyone can learn kung fu! Much easier to learn without principles! Much easier to teach too!”


Grandmaster Kulfi Khota will be giving free classes to anyone who will help him clear the underbrush at his soon to be martial arts and sports complex. All donations will go to build the Kung Pow Center (and to buy a car and maybe also some new clothes and some wine and a few little things like food and rent and Pay-Per-View). All donations personally blessed by Grandmaster Khota himself!