This is a very real, unsolicited testimonial

(we promise)


Inmate number Q-287569-B from Merryland Correctional Facility (we’re not allowed to mention the state or city) had this to say about Kufli…

“Kulfi Khota is a man’s man and a grandmaster’s grandmaster. His short
stature hides a mountain of muscle. Like the biblical Samson, his long
locks add to the power of his presence. It also flows hypnotically
behind him as he flies through the air like an acrobat. He moves with
the grace of a tiger and dominates the ladies like a lion. Women swoon
around him as they are overcome by his virility.

Once, I nearly broke my hand when he blocked it with his jaw. Don’t
mistake this for me being able to successfully strike him. You hit him
only when he wanted you to. In combat, Grandmaster Khota is like a honey
badger; he just don’t give a fuck. He has more fighting ability in his
pinky then most men have in all of their friends put together. Chuck
Norris once came across Kulfi, and Chuck had to avoid making eye contact
or the universe might have imploded. Chuck always stays informed of
Kulfi’s location in order to avoid accidental contact.

Don’t be a dumbass! Call Kulfi Khota and beg him to teach you what he

(any resemblence in this image to any real person alive or dead is completely accidental)